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Heroes of Mechanics: The Birth of Eddi Bressan


Commencement of Lucio Bressan's Entrepreneurial Activity

Image of Lucio Bressan

Lucio Bressan's audacious vision gave birth to a venture that would become a benchmark in the industry. With determination and innovative spirit, the foundation of a successful journey was laid.


The Birth of Eddi Bressan

A milestone in the journey of Lucio and Eddi.

Eddi Bressan Takes the Stage

Image of Eddi Bressan

A milestone in Lucio's journey. Eddi Bressan takes the stage, propelling the company towards new and exciting challenges. The beginning of a success story.



Purchase of the First Okuma Lathe

Investing in quality technology has always been a strength of Eddi Bressan. The first Okuma lathe marks a quantum leap in terms of precision and efficiency.


First Exhibition in Cologne

Our commitment knows no bounds. The international debut in Cologne reflects our global vision and aspiration to be the best in every field.


First International Customer

The first international customer marks the expansion of our business. Eddi Bressan becomes a recognized and respected name beyond national borders.


ISO 9001 Quality Certification

Recognition of our excellence, the ISO 9001 Certification signals Eddi Bressan's unwavering commitment to quality and uncompromising reliability.



New Cormons Facility

Eddi Bressan headquarter

Our progress continues with the opening of the modern Cormons facility, a temple of innovation and efficiency.


Introduction of the Third Night Shift

Our passion knows no bounds. With the introduction of the third night shift, we demonstrate our dedication to customer service and continuous growth.


Purchase of the First Okuma 5-Axis Machining Center

Investing in the first Okuma 5-axis machining center once again demonstrates our commitment to adopting the most advanced technologies.

Okuma MU-400VA

Image Okuma MU-400VA


#ALWAYSBETTER - Continuous Improvement

Our mantra #ALWAYSBETTER reflects our philosophy of continuous improvement. For us, every success is a stepping stone to even more ambitious goals.


New Romans d'Isonzo Facility

Our growth continues with the opening of the new facility in Romans d’Isonzo. Another step towards innovation, efficiency, and excellence.


Medical Department - EB Medical - ISO 13485 Quality Certification

Innovation goes hand in hand with specialization. With the birth of the EB Medical Department and ISO 13485 Certification, we establish ourselves as leaders in the medical sector.


Photovoltaic System

Photovoltaic system of Eddi Bressan

For us, progress must go hand in hand with sustainability. With the introduction of the photovoltaic system, we reaffirm our commitment to a greener future.


FDA Authorization

FDA logo

The Journey of Excellence: Eddi Bressan's Story

Embark on a journey through time, following the footsteps of Eddi Bressan's extraordinary evolution. From humble beginnings in the 1960s to its current position as a global leader, discover how Eddi Bressan has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation, quality, and sustainability. It's more than a story; it's a testament to the power of vision, dedication, and continuous improvement.

The journey of EDDI BRESSAN had its roots in the 1960s. Lucio Bressan, a courageous visionary, gave life to a dream that would become a solid entrepreneurial reality. Under his guidance and with his son Eddi by his side, the company (which still bears his name) took shape, embracing the power of change and facing every challenge with enthusiasm.

Despite the premature loss of its founders, EDDI BRESSAN never stopped progressing. The company's evolution became distinctly evident with the purchase of the first Okuma lathe in 1999. This milestone marked the beginning of a series of uncompromising innovations.

Welcome to the New Century

The year 2000 saw the company's global vision taking shape. By participating in its first exhibition in Cologne, Germany, EDDI BRESSAN began its journey of internationalization, successfully climbing the entrepreneurial ladder.

Growth was constant, fueled by the persistent pursuit of improvement. The acquisition of the first international customer, the opening of modern facilities, and the introduction of the night shift all contributed to strengthening EDDI BRESSAN's reputation in the industry.

The attainment of quality certifications is a testament to the company's ongoing commitment to continuous improvement. The first five-axis machining center, the opening of the new facility in Romans d'Isonzo, the adoption of the #ALWAYSBETTER mantra, and the establishment of a medical department are just some of the initiatives that represent key steps in realizing the company's vision.

A Green Revolution

The year 2022 marked the company's commitment to a greener future. With the installation of a photovoltaic system and the purchase of the first fully electric company car, EDDI BRESSAN demonstrates its dedication to the energy transition, recognizing the importance of actively participating in reducing its carbon footprint.

Today, EDDI BRESSAN continues its journey with the same passion and determination that characterized its beginnings, aiming to achieve new milestones. Its path, marked by innovation and continuous improvement, reflects the spirit of a company that never settles for present success but always looks towards the future.

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